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14 Days SSB Prepration at CPDA


The SSB Interview is a mandatory phase to clear to become an Officer in the Indian Army, Indian Air Forces or Indian Navy etc. This Interview is completely different from the regular Interview. One will have to appear for the different types of Tests. The SSB Interview is conducted to check the overall quality of the candidate to become an officer. The Interview would be conducted for five days and each day, Different types of tests and activities would be conducted by the board.

The first day of the Service Selection Board Interview would be Important. A candidate who would clear this phase will stay for the rest of the Interview or will be sent back home. Let’s see the complete process one by one:

Day-1 of SSB: Reporting ( At MCO moment control office)
  • Documents Check
  • Form filling
  • Testing
  • Verbal, non-verbal intelligence test
  • Picture Perception description test (PPDT) etc

It is very important to clear this phase and to be the Interview for the rest of the days. This can be tough and you will need to prepare it better in all manner to clear this phase of the SSB Interview.

Day-2: One will appear for the following test:
  • Thematic Apperception Test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Self Description Test
Day-3 of SSB: One will appear for the following activities:
  • GTO (Group Testing Officers)
  • Group discussion
  • Group planning exercise
  • Progressive group task
  • Half group task
  • Individual obstacle task
  • Command task
  • Group obstacle task
Day 4 of the SSB: Personal Interview:

You may be already aware of the Personal Interview. An Examiner is free to ask any questions. That question can be related to your personal Life, Family or may also ask for your subjects. Through the Personal Interview round, the examiners basically check the mentality of the candidate towards his/her future and what they think about their past etc. Remember, They do not care about your past activities, they just want to see your vision towards your future. Make sure to answer every question and do not hesitate and feel free to answer. They might act friendly with you but you have to answer like an Officer. Do not overact and answer accordingly with a smiley face. There is nothing much in this phase.

Day 5 of SSB: Conference

This is not any test of activity. This is basically a day when your performance will be shown and the selected candidates would be congratulated and failed candidates will be told the reason that why they could not clear the Interview.

All the candidates who would clear the Interview will proceed to the next phase of the selection which is the Medical examination. The Medical exam will not be conducted on the same day. You will get cal later for the medical test as well. It will be conducted at the Military Hospital under the supervision of the Military Doctors cum Examiners.

Medical Exam

The medical exam is also tough, One will have to prepare for this phase as well. There are two ways for rejection if any problem occurs in the Medical test. One may get Temporary rejection from the medical board if has any minor problem or can also get permanent rejection if the problem is non-Treatable.

For the Minor Problem, One will be given time to correct that and re-appear for the medical within the given time. In case of Permanent rejection, There is no way of returning back.

CPDA SSB Interview Classes:

The Phases are tough to clear, One must prepare very well for the SSB Interview. Join CPDA for training, We have Ex- SSB Interviewers for the training and education, they will guide you in all manner to clear the SSB Interview. The Training for the SSB Interview can not be given by the aby normal teacher or Instructor, One must get trained under the Officers.

There are around 16 OLQs (Officer Like Qualities) through which the Examiner select the candidate. You will teach here to implant those OLQs to clear the Interview. Join the academy and get proper preparation for the Interview.

CPDA Course Details for SSB Interview Preparation
  • Every Sunday Physical Training Class is organized by Physical Trainers and NSG Commandos.
  • SSB Interview & Spoken English, Current Affairs, Library Classes also run in this course.
Duration Course Name/Code Application Form Charge Course Fee* GST Applicable on Tuition Fee Total Payable Amount
14 Days SSB / 2501 Rs.500/- Rs.8,000/- Rs.1,440/- Rs.9,940/-


The Academy was founded by Mr. Jitendra Sharma with the vision of training the young buds of the Nation in order to explore their potential in the right direction by training them for various defence sector examinations so as to produce the best of the best future military commanders.